Saturday, November 17, 2012

Grass Stitcher Review - DO NOT buy until you read this

For most homeowners, there is nothing better than a thick, lush, green lawn. Having recently moved into our dream home with large, beautiful yards, I soon discovered two unexpected problems: mole hills in the backyard and neighborhood dogs relieving themselves in the front yard. No matter how nice the surrounding grass was, there were now these ugly bare spots throughout and reseeding these areas would be necessary. From previous experience, this was not a simple task. I'm not in the same shape as I was in my early 20's so if there's an easier way to do something, I'm all over that.

NOTE: Since it appears the manufacturer has stopped selling the Grass Stitcher online, I want to recommend another product as an alternative.

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Most people know what a garden cultivator is. Its main purpose is to break up the soil surface to prepare areas for planting. It does little else to prepare soil for sowing grass since that's not what it's for. Through a neighbor, I came across this tool called the Grass Stitcher, which he let me borrow. It looks similar to a cultivator but is actually a very specialized tool used to quickly reseed grass. For grass seed to grow, certain conditions are necessary for proper germination. They are:
  1. Correct depth of seeds
  2. Seed to soil contact
  3. Adequate moisture
The Grass Stitcher lets you accomplish all of these things with very little effort. The 10 inch single Grass Stitcher works mainly by using your body weight to turn a roller with sharp spikes and loosen up the soil, no matter how hard and compact it is. These spikes provide the perfect planting depth for grass seeds and distribute the soil so that a light watering is all that is needed to cover the grass seeds with just the right amount of soil for seed contact and to prevent the grass seeds from drying out.

I made quick work of the flattened mole hills in the backyard and the spots in the front yard where dogs urinated. Through research I learned that the Grass Stitcher also works as a mulcher for trouble spots which still have some grass. You simply roll over them like a bare spot and the grass is mulched and the nutrients put back into the soil. Where dogs or cats have urinated, the Grass Stitcher actually disperses the heavy saturation of nitrogen so new grass can grow. In all instances, new grass started to pop up within a week. Note: Make sure to water the seeds enough so they do not dry out prior to germination.

After I returned my neighbors Grass Stitcher, I did some research online since I knew I just had to get one for myself. Amazon is the first place I go to see who has the lowest price since they usually do. Next I checked the company's official site. While both had the same price on the basic 10 inch model, I ended up ordering from the Grass Stitcher site for one big reason.

The official Grass Stitcher site is the only place that sells a complete "Lawn Repair System Kit" for only a few dollars more. This kit includes everything you need to get started:
  • Single Grass Stitcher (10")
  • 3 lbs of Stitch n Seed (grass seed)
  • 3.5 lbs of starter fertilizer (correct nutrients for a successful start)
  • Seed n bag (spreads the right amount of seed where you need it)
  • (2) replacement wheels
  • Free shipping

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The 10 inch model was perfect for the smaller spots I needed to reseed. If you have larger areas that need reseeding, the 20 inch wide Double Grass Stitcher would be the best option. Additionally, you can purchase the Single Grass Stitcher now and buy a conversion kit later on if you decide you would rather have the full 20 inch width.

Benefits of the Grass Stitcher

  • Saves money - The Grass Stitcher mulches and recycles dead grass; grass seed is all you need.
  • Gets rid of crabgrass and weeds - Dense grass is the best weapon against weeds and crabgrass
  • Repair damaged spots due to dog urine - The Grass Stitcher is the only tool that disperses the concentrated nitrogen and preps the soil for seeding at the same time.
  • Thicken lawns - Run the Grass Stitcher directly through thinning lawns
  • Repair damaged areas in tight spots - The Grass Stitcher is maneuverable to go where others can't.
  • Repair insect damage - No need for insecticides or harsh chemicals; just stitch and seed
  • Repair disease damage - No need for fungicides; just stitch and seed so conditions change and lawn disease stops
  • Easily plant wildflower seeds – No better alternative to quickly plant wildflower or groundcover seeds.

Notable Features

  • Ergonimically designed - More comfortable to use than straight shaft tools
  • Easy to use - Uses your body weight to do most of the work instead of your back and arm muscles.
  • Patented grass seed prep - The Grass Stitcher's wheels create the ideal seed germination environment
  • It's NOT another weasel cultivator - While it may look similar to some garden cultivators found at your local Home Depot, don't let the similarities trick you.
  • Durable - Advanced technology is used to fabricate the Grass Stitcher making it lightweight, yet strong and flexible.
  • Lifetime warranty - Built for professionals and amateurs alike, the Grass Stitcher is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee* - If not fully satisfied, return within 30 days for a complete refund. (* If ordered through Grass Stitcher's website.)
For those with bad backs, tools such as the Garden Stitcher are invaluable. Anyone who struggles with back pain understands the importance of a good tool. Anyone can use it and it's actually kind of fun. While some may balk at the $100 price, I can assure you it will pay itself many times over. With the Grass Stitcher, you are basically eliminating the need for topsoil, sod, seeding machines, and the hours of back-breaking labor that comes with reseeding grass the traditional way.

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